Abeer Al Sagheer
A Top 10 TikTok Food Creator

In under two years, Abeer Al Saghir, an award-winning content creator and renowned celebrity, has skyrocketed to stardom. Her sensational content, featuring mind-blowing transitions, universally-relatable material, and culturally infused, mouth-watering recipes, has earned her a massive following of over 27 million on various platforms. A culinary icon recognized both regionally and globally, Abeer has garnered prestigious accolades such as TikTok's Food Creator of the Year and Creator of the Year for 2022, Joy Awards' Favorite Female Influencer in 2023, and the distinction of being the sole Arab creator on TikTok's Discovery List for 2022. Her achievements include being #1 in Food at NEMA FEST 2022 and securing the title of Food Influencer of the Year 2022 by the Ministry of Tourism in Lebanon.


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