Raghad Fahmy
A Top 10 Tiktoker UAE 2021

Raghad Fahmi, a UAE sensation, is celebrated as one of the country's favorite sisters and a dynamic influencer at just 20. Juggling dentistry studies with her trendy pursuits, she effortlessly embodies fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Raghad's Instagram (@rragoode) radiates elegance, offering followers a peek into her impeccable style. As the eldest of five, she thrives on TikTok, sharing challenges, dance trends, and lip-syncing moments with her sisters. Her YouTube channel is a treasure trove of iconic vlogs, challenges, and styling tips. Raghad Fahmi, a charismatic trendsetter, has seamlessly woven her passion for dentistry with her captivating online presence, earning admiration and inspiring a diverse audience.


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