Jim Louderback
USA's Creator Economy Expert

Jim Louderback is a highly respected figure in digital media, boasting a 25-year career at the convergence of media, video, content, and technology. He has a proven track record, having built and sold two startups to major media companies. Additionally, Jim has hosted numerous sessions and events, consistently demonstrating his ability to anticipate industry trends. His most recent role was an 8-year tenure at VidCon, where he started as the editorial director of the industry track in 2014 and later became CEO in 2017. Under his leadership, VidCon expanded from one event to eight global physical events, attracting over a million physical and virtual attendees in 2020. In 2018, he orchestrated the sale of VidCon to Viacom (now Paramount). Prior to this, he successfully built and sold online video network Revision3 to Discovery and held prominent roles at PC Magazine and TechTV.


Speaker Sessions

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