German Garmendia
A Top 10 Most-Subscribed YouTuber 2022

Germán Garmendia, known for his YouTube channels HolaSoyGerman and JuegaGerman, achieved immense fame. HolaSoyGerman, started in 2011, garnered 41 million subscribers and 7 billion views, ranking as Latin America's top channel and the world's second-largest. In 2016, he transitioned to JuegaGerman, amassing 48 million subscribers, solidifying his influence in the Spanish-speaking market and ranking as the second most-subscribed Spanish-speaking YouTuber globally. Germán received various accolades, including the MTV Millennial Awards' "digital icon of the year" (2014) and "master gamer" (2016). The BBC recognized him as the second most popular YouTuber in 2018, and TIME magazine included him in the "25 most influential people on the Internet" in 2019. His recent honor includes a lifetime achievement award at the Esland 2023 awards in Mexico City. Germán remains a social media reference, boasting a massive Chilean Facebook following, 17+ million Instagram followers, and 20+ million TikTok fans.


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