Ammar Al Rahma
A Top 110 Instagram Influencer UAE 2023

Ammar Al-Rahma's career encompasses unique artistic works in the fields of television, cinema, and radio. His initial foray began through social media platforms, where he presented numerous comedic sketches, utilizing characters he created, some of which were based on Snapchat filters. These sketches gained significant popularity among the platform's users. He has played leading roles in three currently available cinematic works on Netflix, following great success in Emirati and Gulf cinema. Additionally, he starred in the Emirati drama series "A'la Al-Maqam," alongside a group of Emirati artists. In addition to his acting career, Ammar has hosted television programs such as "Mental Samurai" in its first Arabic edition on Dubai TV and the show "One the Crowd" on Abu Dhabi TV. He has also hosted the radio program "Tonight" on Dubai Radio. Ammar has also ventured into various musical works, including rap. His versatile voice has enabled him to engage in numerous voice acting roles, including characters in the popular cartoon series "Shabiyya Al-Kartoon" and several other voice-over projects.


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