Anasala Family
USA's Golden Fam on Social

Meet the Anazala Family! When their daughter thought that only men can be President, they took matters into their own hands. Turning Mila into the President for a day, they orchestrated a grand experience—Oval Office, Secret Service team, and a White House press conference—to prove that sky's the limit for young dreamers! This is the Anazala Family, a Family of content creators who consistently go above and beyond to share entertaining videos inspired by their daily challenges and adventures. The Anazalas are young, creative, and completely relatable, dedicated to turning screen time into valuable family time! They have now set up their home in Los Angeles as they navigate parenthood with their adorable kids Mila and Noah. In the past 2 years they’ve won a Kids Choice Awards, 3 Guinness World Records and amassed more than 1 Billion views, +7M subscribers with videos reaching +20M views!


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