Wessam Qutob
Instagram's Most Famous Influencer Rapper, 2023

Wessam Qutob, a dynamic 28-year-old Palestinian visual content creator and rapper based in Jordan, is making waves with his hilarious social media comedy sketches, amassing 20 million impressions and MENA region popularity. In 2021, he ventured into music, releasing tracks like "Rehleh Bi Rasi," "AKHTAA," and more, along with his first EP "Uncovered." Wessam's versatility extends to television, starring in "4 in 1" on Roya TV. He's an accredited Ambassador for the FIFA World Cup 2022 and launched his fashion brand, "WearTheeb," in 2020. Wessam's unwavering passion reflects Middle Eastern youth's immense talent, poised for a significant impact. Fans eagerly await his upcoming summer hits.


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