Ghaith Marwan
A Top 20 Instagram Influencer UAE 2023

Ghaith Marwan, the sensational Syrian dynamo making waves from the heart of Dubai! At the age of thirty, he soared to global prominence, captivating audiences like a rock star through his distinctive and enthralling YouTube content. Boasting an impressive 6 million subscribers, Ghaith has etched his name as a household favorite. In 2019, Ghaith Marwan embarked on his YouTube journey, unraveling the tapestry of his life's epic moments. Sharing cherished and downright fun experiences, he invited fans to join him on life's roller coaster ride. Brace yourself for this staggering statistic: Over 1 billion views later, he's not just a content creator; he's a digital maestro! But wait, there's more: Picture Ghaith Marwan adorned with awards, having clinched the Kids Choice Awards in 2023 and the YouTube Trailblazer Award in 2022.


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